1. Scenery Paks

  2. Australia & PNG

  3. Pacific Islands

  4. Asia

  5. North America


Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG)

Unzip and place each in the Custom Scenery Folder.

Must have object libraries added to Custom Scenery





PDF file listing ALL XP 3D airport and VFR freeware scenery by flsm (Frank)


Download Item    Upload Date (Red: Updated this month)


AussiePak1.zip    210528 - Delete AussiePak 1 and download the most recent version of VOZ

AussiePak7.zip    201217

AussiePak9.zip    220120

AussiePak10.zip    210718

VOZ.zip    210910

YBBN tdg.zip    201004

YBCS.zip    201004

YYKI.zip    201004

PNGPak.zip    201004

Other Aussie Scenery Items

AusWaves.zip    201004

GndTfcAus.zip    201004

MelbourneStar.zip    201004

zAUS.zip    210919 (W2XP Sept 2021 - Forests, roads etc, no buildings).

Requires https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/32135-world-models-library/

Place into Custom Scenery folder and make sure entry is towards the bottom of scenery_packs.ini file (in Custom Scenery folder)